Most people who  ask for a cartomancy consultation do so for the sole purpose of finding out about their future, but they often forget to consider their own past.

Studying our past means considering the person we were: it is important to learn about it  and  to become aware of our mistakes and our achievements.
We need to know where we are from, if we want to understand where we are going!
Tarot cards help analyze the past, which often affects the present and  may have a negative impact on the future.
The Arcana put our soul in contact with our emotional memory, with memories and feelings, which are fundamental to understand who we really are.
We often create new projects by pulling from a past that cannot be changed and that affects and conditions our lives.

In any case, it is necessary to avoid chasing the ghosts of the past, or to constantly formulate negative thoughts, which paralyze the present, pushing us towards passive resignation.

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