The mystical world of Tarot has often been linked to music. The well-known guitarist Bruno Battisti D’Amario, for example, studied the 22 figures of the Major Arcana and composed for each of them a melody, which explained its history and which represented its message.

The moral path inherent in the cards has therefore been transformed into music. Those who listen to these notes immediately notice that it is a different type of music: it is a unique genre that helps those who wish to embark on a journey of self-knowledge, harmony with the environment and with others.

The concert performer managed to find the subtle connection that unites the Arcana and has, in the same way, composed pieces that guide the listener in this moral path.

The Maestro, however, was not the only one to connect the tarot cards to music: the first project to create a deck of musical cards dates back to 1997 and was carried out in 2007, together with a book and a CD.

The texts have managed to explain the mysteries of the Arcana and guide listeners through a mystical journey of wisdom and reflection.

Some songwriters dedicated an entire concert to the “Musical Tarot” played mostly on the piano: each song was associated with the meaning of one of the tarot cards and therefore provided clues or suggestions to the public who raffled the songs from time to time.

Associating music with tarot cards was undoubtedly an original and worthy idea: it is a mystical experience of knowledge, suitable both for those who understand it and for those who are simply intrigued by the world of cards and that of music introspective.

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