The Tarot are very special “cards” used by experienced people to read the fate or the “future”of their interlocutor.

The deck consists of 78 cards: 56 are called Minor Arcana, or “Suit Cards”; 22 are the Major Arcana, or “Triumphs”.
The Minor Arcana are divided into the four best known suits, namely Cups, Batons, Swords and Coins (Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds).

The Major Arcana instead are thematic and they represent specific figures. Each card has a precise meaning  depending on whether it appears straight or upside down.

Here are the figures of the Tarot:

  • The Bagatto, or Magician, indicates creativity and inventiveness and is a symbol of life.
  • The High Priestess indicates loyalty and receptive capacity.
  • The Empress is another symbol of loyalty and of occult forces.
  • The Emperor represents consistency and wealth.
  • The Pope indicates respect for material and spiritual values.
  • The Lovers stand for love, but also for the contrast between vice and virtue.
  • The Chariot represents glory and the balance needed to reach it.
  • Justice symbolizes the universal governing intelligence.
  • The Hermit is wisdom, but also caution and learning.
  • Fortune indicates happiness and progress.
  • Strength indicates heroism and the courage to face challenges.
  • The Hanged Man stands for the passing of a phase.
  • Death is a symbol of transformation.
  • Temperance is a source of life and balance.
  • The Devil is a symbol of passion without control.
  • The Tower stands for human arrogance.
  • The Star represents that someone is guiding our destiny.
  • The Moon represents our daily life with its obstacles.
  • The Sun is a symbol of love and tranquility.
  • Judgment represents a metamorphosis, the rediscovery of oneself.
  • The World stands for luck and perfection.
  • The Fool is unlike the other cards because it has no number; it is a symbol of unpredictability and irrationality.

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