According to some authors, with the sixth Arcanum we enter the second group of Major Arcana, where man becomes part of the conscious world, that is, where it’s man who makes  personal choices.
The Lover is one of the most ambiguous Tarot cards and one of the most misinterpreted.

Number Six, in numerology, symbolizes pleasure, beauty and everything beyond material considerations. It represents the moment when we dare do what we really want, what we like.

The Lovers are naked in the Garden of Eden. The man is looking at the woman, who in turn is looking up high, towards an angel with wings spread and arms extended.

This card reminds us of the power of love, whether it is for another person, for an idea or a goal that we are passionate about. We are naked in the face of true love,  that is, we must be sincere and authentic, ready to give in entirely. This inexhaustible energy will push us upwards, towards the Angel of the card, and will help us find the better part of us.

At the same time, the decision to yield to love makes us choose  not to give in to fear but to follow our heart. Therefore, the main lesson of this Arcanum is  that only  through a courageous choice, the possibility of  Unity  becomes reality.

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